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The ________ Word

Alright Peeps,
I’m back from my week of non-stop partying.  No really.  My friend
from England was in town and I didn’t do anything but work, drink, and
well, that’s it, all last week.  I’m back, I’m not entirely well
rested, and my liver is slowly recovering.  And here are some words of
wisdom for this week.

I grew up in Calfornia…Santa Cruz to be exact.  Santa Cruz prides
itself on being an accepting community (though it’s not as accepting
as everyone likes to think that it is).  But as the majority of you
know my parents were pretty darn accepting of everyone and everything.
That being said I’m sure many of you know that I tend to attract
people that maybe aren’t as accepted in american society.  People with
spikey hair and studs through their tounges.  Men who like other men,
and women who like other women.

I’m sure you all be happy to know that this trend has not been muted
as I have moved to L.A.  I still seem to be a beacon for gay people
(which I love).  I went to a party on Saturday where I ended up
surrounded by gay men…it was fabuolous.

Of course, here in L.A. I made my first lesbian friends, who are my
friends and I did not meet through my parents.  I did grow up in Santa
Cruz so it’s not like I’ve never met a lesbian, but I just never ended
up being good friends with any.   Just a weird fluke I guess.

Well, as many of you also know, anyone who lives in L.A. is not from
L.A.  This especially goes for people in Hollywood.  Those of us
fucked up enough to want to work in Hollywood are usually from places
outside of Los Angeles.

So when I got my job at Paramount Pictures I met about 35 people from
all over the country.  Including two lesbian couples, one from
butthole nowhere Pennsylvania and the other from Plano, Texas.  You
can imagine that neither of their parents know about their sexual
preferences.  You can also probably imagine how flattered I was when I
was let in on the secret.

They say imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, and before my
mom starts planning the party, no this is not me coming out of the
closet.  I’m not in a closet…in fact, I don’t think anything in my
apartment counts as a closet per say.  I think that people telling you
such a huge part of who they are and trusting you with that
information is the most sincere form of flattery.  I’m always
profoundly moved when another of my friends tells me that they’re gay
because they are basically saying that they love me and trust me
enough to know this supremely important facet of their being.  It’s a
great feeling knowing that people trust you to be accepting of them.

So my friends from the middle of nowhere have only been in California
for a little over a year.  I’m pretty sure they’re not used to people
being as accepting as I pride myself on being.  To get to the point,
my friend Leanne practically forced me to watch The ‘L’ Word, which,
if you don’t know or couldn’t figure out, is a show about lesbians.
It does air on showtime so it’s explicit to say the least.  But it’s a
really great show that I normally wouldn’t have watched.

But as I was watching it I got to thinking.  Why do we have to have
shows that are solely about gay people?  Why can’t regular shows have
gay people in them?  I mean, don’t get me wrong, there are some great
exceptions to this rule (sex and the city…which I swear I will write
about, but it’ll be loooong so watch out.  And now Ugly Betty is
bringing some albiet stereotypical gay people to the small screen).

Now, don’t get me wrong…shows like Will & Grace and The ‘L’ Word are
great at bringing gay people into homes that normally wouldn’t have
it.  And I think Will & Grace especially has been a great influence on
the American public and their growing acceptance of homosexuality.
Though if there’s one thing I’ve learned from my hic friends it’s that
we’re nowhere near there yet.

Even still, why I ask you, why does there have to be gay shows?  Why
can’t shows reflect the actual landscape of America?  I think Grey’s
Anatomy does a good job, but they seem to ignore sexuality
altogether…everyone’s straight, even if there are many different
ethnic minorities represented.

So here’s my promise to you.  When I write a show it’ll involve gay
people who are just as slutty and fucked up as the straight people.
It’ll include african-american, asian, indian, kazakstani, venezuelan,
namibian, fijian, etc. people who are just as rich, educated, slutty
and fucked up as the white people.  Mexicans who are not housekeepers
or cooks in an italian restaurant, but who are just as rich, educated,
slutty and fucked up as the asian, indian, venezuelan, tongan, etc
people.  And it will include British people who are not out to do
evil, but who are just as slutty and fucked up as the evil Americans.

Peace, love, and same sex television,


June 14, 2007 - Posted by | Gay/Lesbian, Grey's Anatomy, Hollywood, Sex, Sex and the City, Television

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