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I know what you’re thinking…two emails in one week (I only worked 8
hours today as opposed to the 12 I worked on Monday and the 16 I
worked on Tuesday).  And yes it’s true, but as I was sitting here,
watching Almost Famous for the 8 gajillionth time I realized that I
forgot to spread my joy at the season that is well upon us now.  No,
it’s not Christmas, nor is it joy for Hannukah, Kwaanza, Ramadan, or
any other holiday that we experience at this time of year.  No, this
is my favorite time of year because…wait for it, wait for
it…that’s right folks, awards season is upon us.  The Golden Globe
nominations are out.  Oscar voting is starting and with it comes
Julia’s Predictions for the 2007 Awards season.

My overall theme for this awards season is that this year will be the
year that the Academy recognizes the people that should have won
oscars long ago, but were overlooked due to politics.

That being said here they are, my predictions:

For the Golden Globes

Best Picture Drama – This could really go any way.  Bobby won’t win
and I don’t think Babel should (but it might).  My vote lies with The
Departed or The Queen, but this one’s a toss up.

Best Picture Comedy or Musical – Dreamgirls is going to take this one.
 The only upset could come from Little Miss Sunshine.  I highly doubt
Thank You for Smoking will win (though it’s awesome).  And there is
absolutely no way in hell the Hollywood Foriegn Press will give the
Devil Wears Prada or Borat an award for best picture.

Best Actor Drama – Like I said, giving awards to people who should
have won (in 1993 for What’s Eating Gilbert Grape?).  Leo’s going to
take this one folks.  He’s nominated for Blood Diamond and the
Departed.  I’m not sure which one will win (probably Departed) but
Leo’s got this one wrapped up for sure.

Best Actress Drama – This is another toss up.  I’d assume Kate Winslet
for little Children since they’ve been snubbing her for years, but
Helen Mirren for The Queen could easily take it.

Best Actor Comedy or Musical – This is all Aaron Eckhart.  He carried
Thank You for Smoking and the only reason that movie worked (and it
worked so well) was because of him.  The only upset could come from
Will Ferrell in Stranger than Fiction (it’s great, go see it) and only
because the Foreign Press would want to recognize him as an actual
actor (though they probably won’t).

Actress Comedy or Musical – This is where we make up for not giving
Annette Benning control of the known universe (or a naked man statue)
for being spot on perfect in American Beauty.  I’ve said it before and
I’ll say it again.  Hilary Swank was great, Annette Benning was
absolutely perfect.  She’ll win for Running with Scissors but it won’t
be for her actual performance in that movie.

Supporting Actor – I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I think it
should go to Ben Affleck.  He upstaged everyone in Hollywoodland
(including Diane Lane, Adrien Brody, and Bob Hoskins among others).
He was fantastic and he should win.  But he won’t.  It’ll go to Jack
Nicholson for Departed or Brad Pitt for Babel (completely undeserved,
that movie was not that good).

Supporting Actress – This is Jennifer Hudson’s.  She’s the lead
actress in Dreamgirls, but Beyonce is in the movie (though not much –
thank god) so they’ve put Hudson as Supporting.  Good news all around
because Beyonce will lose and Hudson will win.  Beyonce can sing, but
it ends there.  Hudson can sing and act (at the same time no less).
She’s got this one.  By the way, the movie is worth seeing just for
her.  I couldn’t take my eyes off of her the whole time.  This is
Hudson’s category.

Best Director – This is Scorcese’s, but not for the Departed.  This
award will go to Scorcese for Taxi Driver, Goodfellas, Casino, Cape
Fear, Raging Bull, Alice doesn’t live here anymore, and Mean Streets.

Golden Globes do T.V. also…here they are:

Best Drama – Should go to Grey’s Anatomy, but probably won’t.  I’d
guess Big Love (lord knows they love HBO shows) or 24.

Best Comedy – Entourage, Ugly Betty or Weeds.  They might give this to
Betty to show support, but Entourage should win.

Actor Comedy – It’s between Steve Carrell for the Office and Tony
Shaloub for Monk.  Could go to either one (I don’t watch either
because I pretty much think that comedies on Network Television no
longer work.  Comedies pretty much have to be on HBO to be funny

Actress Comedy – I’d say this is between America Ferrera for Ugly
Betty and Mary-Louise Parker for Weeds.  They’re both great, but I’ll
bet they give it to America Ferrera to show support for Betty.  Plus,
Mary-Louise won it last year against all the ladies from Wysteria
Lane.  (that was a great T.V. moment, when she didn’t think she was
going to win, drank too much champagne and had to give her acceptance
speech totall blitzed.  This is why you watch the Golden Globes…they
feed the actor alcohol through the whole thing…very entertaining.)

Best Actress Drama – I think Ellen Pompeo should win for Grey’s
Anatomy and her only real competition is Edie Falco for the Sopranos
(they might give it to her because it’s the last year).

Best Actor Drama – This is really really up for grabs.  I’d guess that
they won’t give it to Kiefer Sutherland again for 24, but it’s
entirely possible.  Patrick Dempsey is certainly McDreamy, but Grey’s
Anatomy is a show that’s really going to have to earn it’s wins (like
the actors in Friends), Dexter and Big Love were both HUGE for
Showtime and HBO (respectively) so it could go to Michael Hall or Bill
Paxton.  And Hugh Laurie is much beloved in House (though I suggest
renting Black Adder because it’s hilarious and he’s hilarious).  I
love the McDreamy so I’m rooting for my man Patrick on this one.  His
hair is just too good to not have a Golden Globe to go with it.

Supporting Actor for T.V. – Jeremy Piven for Entourage or Justin Kirk
for Weeds.  I’d guess Jeremy Piven since he just won a well deserved
emmy.  He’s spot on…that’s what agents are really like
people…fucking smarmy bastards.

Supporting Actress T.V. – I am wishing, hoping and praying that Sarah
Paulson wins for Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip.  It’s an absolute
tragedy that it was overlooked in all the other categories because
it’s the best new show on T.V. (it might actually be the best show on
t.v.)  Katherine Heigel from Grey’s has a good chance, but Elizabeth
Perkins may be unbeatable for her perfomance in Weeds.  She’s just
fucking brilliant and such a heinous cow on that show.  It’s awesome.

Ok, well those are my Globe predictions.  I have high hopes.  As for
the Oscars, we’ll wait and see, but I’ll tell you this.  Leonardo
DiCaprio will win an Oscar.  Annette Benning will win an Oscar
(finally).  Martin Scorcese will win an Oscar (they should give him
like 5).

And for those of you who don’t watch T.V. or, like my mother, think
it’s all crap, I’ll only say this.  Rent Season 1 of Grey’s Anatomy.
Rent Season 1 of Weeds.  Rent Entourage.  AND WATCH STUDIO 60 ON THE
SUNSET STRIP.  I guarantee they will change your mind.  They’re better
than most movies.

And remember, ‘never take it seriously.  If you never take it
seriously, you never get hurt.  If you never get hurt, you always have
fun.  And if you ever get lonely…you just go to the record store and
visit your friends’ – Penny Lane, Almost Famous.

Love, Peace, and good fucking entertainment.  Happy Awards Season (and
Happy Holidays),


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