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Unspoken Agreements

In Los Angeles there are unspoken agreements.  Unspoken agreements
between sales people and famous people.  When you’re famous, it’s not
like you can just hibernate in your ginormous mansion when you’re not
working.  Famous people are still normal.  They grocery shop, they
walk up runyon canyon with their overly primped dogs, they even go buy
books and clothes and shoes.

But in Los Angeles, there is this unspoken agreement.  We, the sales
people, agree not to call the tabloids when we see say Drew Barrymore
come in with a little director named Spike Jonze.  We, the sales
people, agree not to call the paparazzi when they kiss in the
photography section of a certain bookstore on Sunset Blvd.

And they, the talent, agree to be nice to us and not get mad when we
have to help other customers.  We keep our end of the bargain, and
they keep theirs.  We get to meet people that we’ve idolized since
they first started screaming in blonde curls and little jean overalls
when the friendly alien was hiding in the closet.  We get to be face
to face with people we’ve loved since she posed in playboy and took
off her top on David Letterman.

We get to meet people who directed the beastie boys’ video
Sabotage…oh yeah, I think the directed a little movie called Being
John Malcovich as well.

We, the sales people of Los Angeles (the vast majority of whom are
hoping to someway be involved in ‘the industry’ as we so adoringly
call it) come face to face with our idols on a daily basis.  We keep
their secrets.  We know who’s dating who before US weekly does.  We
know who buys what to keep themselves looking happy, healthy and
skinny.  We know who buys the dirty magazines.

Those of us who split our time between certain high up executive
offices on the Paramount Pictures studio lot and the retail selling of
books know that two certain people are about to start shooting a movie
together.  Hmmm, director dating his lead actress…shocking!!!

But coming face to face with people you have such profound respect for
can be a little scary.  When you don’t live in L.A. the odds that you
will run into Drew Barrymore and Spike Jonze together is slim to say
the least.  But when you live in L.A….especially when you work in
retail in West Hollywood it is a very distinct possibility.

Now it may seem to you like I freak out about famous people alot.  But
the truth of the matter is, I see a ton of celebrities on an almost
daily basis and I couldn’t care less.  But just like any of you in any
of your respective professions have people that you look up to as
masters of whatever craft you are in, I do too.  Of course, the
business I’m in just so happens to be one that is viewed all over the
world by hundreds of millions (if not billions) of people.  People
whose names are known the world over.

Really though, I freak out about the little people.  I freak about the
writers (who would’ve guessed).  When I met the, now acadamy award
winning, writer of Little Miss Sunshine my palms got sweaty and I was
a little shaky.  This man wrote a movie that I could only hope to come
close to some day.  That movie is perfectly written.  There’s not a
flaw that I can see in it.

And yes, I’ve loved Drew Barrymore since I used to sit at home and
watch E.T. on our ancient VHS player as a kid.  I was in awe of
someone so free when I was 12 and saw her flash David Letterman.  And
let’s just talk about the wedding singer for a second.  Thanks to Drew
I’ve been called Julia Goolia since I was 14 years old.

Pair that with Spike Jonze, who directed all of my favorite music
videos (sabotage, buddy holly by weezer, the fatboy slim videos).  I
mean, as a kid in the 90’s those were what it was all about.  (And the
music was still good back then).

So here’s to meeting the people that inspire you to do great
things…whoever those people are, we salute you.

Peace, Love, and Inspiration,


P.S.  That annoying kid from last week came in again.  This time he
wanted a book that was made into a movie.  (he wanted me to point out
all the books that were made into movies…again with the almost
smacking him).  But I’m growing…I wasn’t as big of a bitch this
time.  I gave him some Philip K. Dick.  Do Androids Dream of Electric
Sheep?  (A.K.A.  Blade Runner)   and A Scanner Darkly.  He paid with a
Black AmEx.  God love Los Angeles.


June 14, 2007 - Posted by | Hollywood, Los Angeles

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