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You Know You Live in L.A. When…

You know you live in L.A. when you’re sitting at the cash register of
a bookstore in West Hollywood, one of three jobs that you have to work
in order to pay your bills, and you’ve been busy plotting the
character arcs of the characters of a screenplay you’re a third of the
way through writing.  You’ve been plotting these arcs for the last
four hours as you mindlessly ring up the pathetic choices of books the
vast majority of the American population seems to think are
noteworthy.  You’re contemplating story arcs of a screenplay that will
most likely not get read beyond the first ten pages (because god
forbid anyone in this town read an entire screenplay that doesn’t have
Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, or Lindsay Lohan’s name attached to it
before the fricken thing has even been written).  But still, you’re
spending your time writing this thing that is important to you, even
though it will almost definitely never be made into a movie because
the studios would rather spend 11 Million dollars on Jackass Number
Two (get the joke there, that’s clever stuff folks…the stuff dreams
are made of, excuse the outdated reference) than spend any money on a
movie that actually portrays real emotion or the reality of being
young in the beginning of the twenty-first century.  So you’re sitting
there at this cash register, putting your hundred thousand dollar
education to good use and you’re looking down at your hands, which are
drumming the rhythm to the Glenn Miller or Benny Goodman song that’s
playing on the Muzac station, when you look up………right into the
face of ELTON JOHN, who proceeds to spend more at one store than you
make in a month, and you’re working three jobs.  That’s when you know
you live in Los Angeles, and maybe, just maybe there’s a little bit of
hope for you.  If some fat, flamboyant British man can make it, than a
fat, mumbling skater  from Santa Cruz has just a glimmer of hope too.

June 14, 2007 - Posted by | Books, Hollywood, Los Angeles, Music, Work

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