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Ages of Innocence

I’m sitting here watching Walk The Line for the 3 millionth time and I can’t help but thinking that the fifties aren’t as innocent as we all like to think of them as.  And I thought about it a little more and how did the fifties get this rap as a time of innocence?  I mean the major portrayals of the fifties in film are American Graffiti and Grease, and they aren’t exactly innocent little romps (lest we forget the ‘hickey from Kenickie’ line).  The major movies from the fifties include Rebel Without A Cause, Sunset Boulevard and Vertigo to name just a few.  Is it the poodle skirts and saddle shoes?  Maybe the clothes give off the air of innocence, but I am loathe to believe that it is just the clothes that have propagated this whole myth of the innocent fifties.  

So as I’m thinking this to myself, being the good history student I am, I wonder what the truly innocent time was.  And then I came to a stunning realization (or at least I thought it was stunning), there isn’t an innocent time.  If we go back to the forties we were in a devastating war, in the thirties no one had any money, in the twenties no one had any booze (and we had just ended another devastating war).  I spent four years studying how different groups of writers thought they were revolutionary and in ways they were, but they weren’t any more or less innocent than their predecessors or their successors.  I mean we still don’t know how things will turn out.  Will Iraq turn into another Vietnam?  Are we going to make ourselves extinct?  In 10,000 years will someone find some film of Deal or No Deal and come to the conclusion that our society was completely obsessed with humiliating themselves?  Will it be seen as some kind of self-flagellation to go on The Price is Right and act like a crazy person?  Will those societies look at us and say ‘what innocence they had.’  In 50 years, will our quaint cell phone technology and wireless internet look completely ridiculous?  Is any society ever innocent?
Peace, Love, and Walking the Line,

April 23, 2008 - Posted by | Culture, Hollywood, internet, Literature, Movies, Television

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