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Women’s Lib: Redux

With the weekend we’re all waiting for bearing down on us (that would be next weekend with the release of Sex and the City), Entertainment Weekly gleefully returned to a favorite topic: the fab four New York ladies we all would love to be (and be friends with).  In an interview with Sarah Jessica Parker, talking about getting the movie made, she cites the success of The Devil Wears Prada as a major catalyst in Sex and the City finally being greenlit.  She also hopes that the probable success of Sex and The City will open up the market for more films where women actually move beyond the girlfriend, the housewife, the assistant, or the teacher.  

It is a cliched statement to make that there are no good roles for women.  The other day I was told about an article criticizing movies like Iron Man because of Gwenyth Paltrow’s marginalized role in it.  Of course, the roles for women aren’t as deep as male roles.  This has and is still changing, but it’s true that many times female roles are relatively shallow.  Gwenyth Paltrow, on the other hand, took a role that could have been shallow and made it fantastic, so there you have it (also, it’s a superhero movie so the rules are a little different).  
Even still, there is a significant void when it comes to movies for women.  With the death of the romantic comedy sometime in the mid to late 90s (though there have been one or two notable death rattles), movies that are made to appeal to women are, for the most part, totally condescending and just plain bad (27 Dresses, Maid of Honor, anyone?).  
So here I am hoping Sarah Jessica Parker has hit the cultural zeitgeist on the head again, and some smart studio exec will actually hire a female writer to write about females (or like SATC a gay male writer to write about females) in an intelligent and realistic manner.  The Devil Wears Prada and Sex and the City work because we, as women, relate to the women.  They are smart, talented, determined, they like what they like, be it great journalism or Manolo Blahniks, and they are flawed.  They fall for the wrong guys, they fall on the runway, and they have to deal with evil bosses.  So I raise my cosmo for many more great fearless female movies to come.  Helen Gurley Brown will be proud.
Peace, Love, and Dolce & Gabbana,

May 21, 2008 - Posted by | Culture, Hollywood, Movies, Sex and the City, Television

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