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The Fabulous Britney Spears

I am a huge Britney Spears fan.  Let me say that again, I am a huge Britney Spears fan.  I have been since the beginning, though I was a closeted fan at first.  Yes, the girl with turquoise hair and 10 pounds of chains was secretly listening to Hit Me Baby One More Time in the her room before her parents came home from work.  I own every Britney album, I’ve seen the HBO concert, I’ve even learned one or two of the dances (thanks to Darren’s Dance Grooves, cheap vodka and dorm rooms).  I love Britney.  I love her music, I love dancing to it, I know all the words.  

Ever since she started down the crazy train (and let me tell you something, I’m sure she’s always been bat shit crazy, she just fired her publicist and it actually came out), I’ve been waiting for the big comeback.  Last year at the VMA’s she trashed it up a bit, drugged up and stumbling through her performance, but with the release of her new video Womanizer the awesome, dirty, Slave for You Britney is back.  The video is racy, and full of a barely clothed, if not totally naked Brit, complete with her recently reclaimed awesome body.  The tune is catchy, and one I’m sure to be drunkenly dancing to in Vegas in approximately six weeks.  And best of all, it is the one video on youtube that is not currently featuring Sarah Palin.  
What I love about Britney is the same thing I love about Madonna, she’s constantly reinventing herself and constantly subverting the hot messes she gets herself into.  When she first started Britney was the dirtiest little virgin from the south.  She came out in that naughty school girl outfit and domestically abused her way into our hearts, followed up with bubblegum pop hit after bubblegum pop hit that made her a multi-millionaire.  When she performed Oops I did it Again at the VMA’s there was a kind of interim period when she was dating Justin Timberlake and stopped claiming to be a virgin.  Then all of a sudden we were thrust into dirty Britney, not to be confused with Drrrrty Christina Aguilera.  This is what I like to call the period that magic happened, this would be the Slave for You era.  An era that gave us the amazing movie know as Crossroads, and the last of our false sense of security before K. Fed stepped in and ruined everything.
I’ve been hoping since the Britney and Kevin: Chaotic t.v. show that was either the worst show ever, or so far ahead of it’s time we’re just not yet aware of how awesome it truly is, that Brit would make her big comeback, and now that it’s here.  I can only hold out some ridiculous hope that she won’t come out with a weird Bollywood inspired album like Madonna did.  Welcome back Brit.  We missed you.
Peace, Love, and Womanizer,

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