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You Say You Want a Revolution

o I went to a screening of Revolutionary Road tonight. That’s the new one with Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet based on the Richard Yates Novel. It’s a bit of a downer, but fantastically written, directed and acted.

For me, it came along at the exact perfect time. Two days before my twenty-fifth birthday, one that has been plaguing me with self-doubt (even more self-doubt than usual), this movie is the perfect affirmation for not succumbing to what is expected and instead striving for what is desired. I would never say that at twenty-five I’m getting old, but I am starting to hone in on that age when careers are supposed to start (don’t know who decided this but it seems to be relatively universal), when finances start to get in order (though in this economy I don’t see how), when boyfriends and pets turn into husbands and children (none of which I’m ready for).

After watching Revolutionary Road, which is horrendously depressing (albeit important), I actually came out with a sense of purpose almost verging on elation. For I, unlike Frank and Alice, am not stuck in a comfortable life (the fact that the inside of my house is currently about 35 degrees speaks to that) where nothing is exciting and everything is mundane. And though it kind of made me feel like an awful person to have a feeling of relief after such an emotional movie, I felt like maybe I’m on the right track. And for the first time since I noticed my big two-five looming in the distance, I’m actually okay with it. Bring it on!

Peace, Love, and Unexpected Reactions,

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