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I’m one of those people who likes to fight technology for a little while before giving myself completely over to it (accepting the iPod which I wanted from it’s first incarnation). I waited the requisite three years or so before getting a cell phone, content with my pager (yes pager), I couldn’t imagine ever owning a DVD player until My So-Called Life was released on DVD in 2003, when I jumped on board wholeheartedly. I am still avoiding trappings of Blackberrys and iPhones (though that is more of a not wanting to get work emails when I don’t want to get them, then actively avoiding the technology).

Now I haven’t wanted nor have I owned a video game system since Sega Genesis came out; it turned out to be the perfect companion to my original Nintendo. I could care less about playstation and X-Box. Never wanted a Game Cube or a Dream Cast. But after carrying hundreds of Wii’s to people’s cars on a Dr. Phil giveaway my interest was somewhat piqued. Even still, I had little interest. Sure the sports looked cool, the Wii fit is somewhat intriguing, but why on earth would I spend $250 on something that held minor thrills for me.

On the other hand, I’d also heard rumblings of this game called Guitar Hero for the past few years. Now, I consider myself a musician, seeing as I am able to read and play music (yes I have a problem with people who are ‘musicians’ and don’t read music, I don’t care who you are). I’m not a great musician, I’m not currently in a band, but I have the ability to play a handful of instruments relatively well. As a musician I kind of detested Guitar Hero from the get go. Basically you push buttons and the game makes it seem like you’re playing a song. Whoop-di-doo. It is not that hard to learn how to play Nirvana songs poorly, just do that.

Last weekend, one of my roommates bought the other one a Wii and Guitar Hero. We got the super deluxe kind where you get a drum set and a microphone. I’m a big girl, I can admit when I was wrong, and boy was I wrong. Guitar Hero might just be the best video game of all time. Better than Atari, better than Tetris, better than Mario Brothers 3, better than Duck Hunt, it’s amazing.

The best is the fact that all three of us, who live in this house, can be a band together. Yes, it satisfies the emptiness that not playing music has left and all of us can play at different levels. I can go a little more difficult when I’m ‘playing the bass’ while my other roommates can go a little easier, since they’re not trained musicians (and yes being a musician makes you a better Guitar Hero player).

Now, when I was eight some people gave us a demonstration of musical instruments at school. They were offering lessons if anyone wanted to learn how to play an instrument. I came home from school that day and told my mother I either wanted to play the trumpet or the drums. As the smart woman she is, she immediately offered to buy me a trumpet, and that’s how I came to play the trumpet. But a small part of me has always wanted to play the drums, and Guitar Hero made it possible.

It’s the best thing ever, and the reason I’ve been tardy in writing my usual weekly email.

Peace, Love, and Fake Musicianship,


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