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High School Football Hero

So I do fancy myself a writer of sorts. It took a long time for me to be able to call myself a writer, especially in Los Angeles, where too many people call themselves writers who don’t really write. But the thing about being a writer is it’s a pretty solitary action. Sure people collaborate on writing, and some of the best instances of the written word have come out of group efforts. Mainly though, writing is lonely. Even now, I sit in my living room, no one home, nothing but the TV to keep me company. I prefer being alone, but it can get lonely.

Last weekend, my cousin emailed me to come to his rugby game. Now, if you don’t know, I have a ginormous family, so it’s fairly often that family members visit the L.A. area, and I love it. This particular visit sparked something in me though…and yes, a small bit of it was the fact that I was surrounded by buff nineteen year olds (many of whom made me feel like Mrs. Robinson). Much of what I felt had to do with the camaraderie of sports. There was one move in particular, when Oregon played Arizona, that moved me almost to tears on the side of the dusty rugby field. After a particularly hard hit, an Oregon player offered a hand to an Arizona player to help him off the ground.

I know, this isn’t anything particularly special. It isn’t going to solve the economic crisis or the genocide in Darfur. It’s not going to pay my credit card debt or get my room mate a job. But I just couldn’t help be touched by this small gesture. The offering of one hand to another, from one team to another. And I came to a realization. As much shit as we weird kids gave the athletes in high school (and sometimes even in college) there is an underlying tenderness there. Sure rugby is a sport where people smash into each other full force (which is one of the most entertaining things about it) but like most sports, the players take care of each other. They aren’t out to hurt each other seriously, they are out there to play the game.

After working in an industry like entertainment, it’s refreshing to know that there are still some segments of the population where people take care of each other.

Peace, Love, and Compassion,


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