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It’s That Time Again…

Yes, it’s Oscar time in Los Angeles. All you people who don’t live in smog city have the wonderful advantage of a veritable gold mine of good movies to watch, and no billboards on Sunset Boulevard to stare at (all of which proclaim how good each movie is, which really can’t be all true). Okay, so here is my scoop, my picks, my predictions…for the third year in a row (holy crap it’s been a long time).

Best Picture
I haven’t seen all of these, but I’m predicting it’s going to go one of two ways. Slumdog Millionaire is the little movie that could this year (as Juno and Little Miss Sunshine were in years passed…and wouldn’t you know it they’re all made by Fox Searchlight). This movie is great, just a sort of quiet, unassuming and completely unashamedly uplifting. It also won the Golden Globe, which is a good indicator.

The other one I could see winning is Milk. As shitty as this is going to sound, this year with the passing of Prop 8, I could see the Academy making a statement with it. It is a great movie (I literally started crying in the first frame and didn’t stop until the credits rolled…luckily I got to watch it at home so that saved an embarrassing moment).

Potential Upset: Frost/Nixon (I haven’t seen it but have heard mixed reviews).

Best Actor
First off I want to say I’m proud of the Academy for nominating Richard Jenkins who is one of the most underrated character actors of this generation. That being said, he’s not going to win.

This one is either going to Sean Penn or Mickey Rourke. Both of them gave deserving performances. I loved both Milk and The Wrestler. I could see this going to Sean Penn, but it’s a total toss up. Mickey Rourke won the Golden Globe, Sean Penn won the Screen Actors Guild Award…I’m giving this one a 50/50.

Best Actress
I’m calling it…2009 is finally the year for Kate Winslet. She’s the youngest person to garner SIX Oscar Noms, and she hasn’t won any. She’s nominated for the Reader, but she was entered as a Best Supporting Actress for the Reader and the Academy upped her to Best Actress. If you didn’t catch it, she won both the Best Actress (Revolutionary Road) and Best Supporting Actress (The Reader) Golden Globe Awards. This is her year. (Though I was pleased to see Anne Hathaway on the Nomination list because I think she’s underrated as an actress).

Best Supporting Actor
Well, I’m pretty much just calling this one for Heath Ledger. Though I don’t necessarily think he deserves this award (let’s face it, he deserved one for Brokeback and the Academy bricked thinking they’d get him later), he’s going to get it.

Personally, I think Josh Brolin for his role of Dan White in Milk was absolutely amazing. And Michael Shannon in Revolutionary Road was a saving tragically comic role in an otherwise horribly depressing movie.

Best Supporting Actress
This category is definitely the hardest to predict. I have a feeling Amy Adams is finally going to be firmly recognized (she really burst onto the scene when she was nominated for her role in Junebug, which, if you haven’t seen is absolutely fantastic, but I think this is going to cement her as a leading lady). She was awesome in Doubt too, so the award would be well deserved.

I could see this going to Penelope Cruz for Vicky Cristina Barcelona (which I have not seen).

I could see this going to Marisa Tomei, as she was amazing in The Wrestler, but the Academy misfired with her Oscar for My Cousin Vinny so they may be reticent to give her another…even if it was deserved this time.

Viola Davis for Doubt was incredible in her 12 minutes on screen, but if someone from Doubt is winning this category, it’s Amy Adams.

Taraji P. Henson in Benjamin Button is a longshot in my opinion. The movie wasn’t great, though she was very good. I think it’s nominated in a ton of categories and will win none.

I’m saying either Danny Boyle for Slumdog Millionaire or Gus Van Sant for Milk.

Original Screenplay
I’m going to say that Milk has this down pat. It’s Dustin Lance Black’s award.

Adapted Screenplay
I’m pretty sure Slumdog Millionaire has this all wrapped up. It won the Golden Globe and it’s really amazing what Simon Beaufoy did to a really hard to adapt book.

So those are my Oscar predictions. I have to say I loved Slumdog, I loved Revolutionary Road, loved The Wrestler, and I loved Milk (even if it almost killed me).

Doubt was good, better if you have experienced the absolute insanity and inanity of the Catholic Church (and even more so if you happen to be Irish as well). Benjamin Button was overrated, but worth seeing. And that’s all I’ve seen so far.

My list to see before Feb 22
Rachel Getting Married
The Reader

Peace, Love, and Awards Season,


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