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A Night of Firsts

Hello all,
Hope everyone is doing well, and I hope you’re liking the emails I’ve
been sending.  While they’ve been predominately me going on about
something that I think is crap, this one’s going to be a bit
different.  You see, last night something major happened…I went to
my first Hollywood party.  I know, you all are thinking, oh no, now
she’s gone over to the dark side, but I swear it is not so.  Even
still, I have to describe this awesome event (a.k.a. the Paramount
Studios Christmas Party) because it was probably the coolest thing
that’s ever happened to me, around me, in front of me.

So I’m going to paint you a little picture.  I assume you all know
what the Bronson Gate looks like.  You know it’s the big gate that
says Paramount Pictures on it that’s used in pretty much every movie
where someone goes to hollywood.  It was in Sunset Boulevard (which
I’m sure few of you have seen, though you all should because it’s
fantastic.  I mean when a old movie star, who is no longer famous is
confronted with the line ‘You’re Norma Desmond.  You used to be big’
and answers ‘I am big.  It’s the pictures that got small’  you know
you have a classic on your hands).  The gate was also used in that
episode of the Brady Bunch where they go to ‘Bronson Studios.’  Yeah,
anyway, you’ve seen it.

To get more to the point, I walked from my car, to the Bronson Gate.
When I turned the corner to go through the gate, something magical
happened.  I was transported to a winter wonderland.  There was no red
carpet at this hollywood party.  No, the street was lined with a white
carpet.  There were trees covered in snow and there was snow falling
from the sky (or the tops of stages 1 and 2).  That’s right, this is
hollywood and we can miraculously make it snow in Los Angeles, if only
for a few hours.

Walking into the studio there were free drinks lining the way (ahhhh,
hollywood), I was handed a map to the party as I walked on my way to
the big In-N-Out Burger truck, where one recieved FREE In-N-Out
burgers and fries (needless to say that would have been enough, and I
certainly didn’t go hungry).  In front of the In-N-Out was pictures
with Santa Claus, except, unlike the mall you got the pictures for
free.  Santa was a bit freaked when all 35 or so Paramount Pages came
to sit around his sleigh at one time.

So before I continue to the most awesome part of the party, I’m going
to need to explain something for those who have never been on a movie
lot or been inside a soundstage.  Basically, soundstages are huge
wherehouses where they build the sets to movies or t.v. shows.  The
thing is, they’re huge.  Basically, all of the sets of Friends
(Chandler and Joey’s apartment, Monica and Rachel’s apartment, and
Central Perk) all fit in one soundstage.  Right now, at Paramount,
there is a good chunk of what is doubling as the Captiol Building in
one soundstage.  Long story short, they’re freaking ginormous.

Well, the Paramount Christmas party was spread out over three
soundstages.  Past Santa and his sleigh (after the In-N-Out detour.
We made our way into stage 6.  Stage 6 was an Ice Skating rink.
That’s right, a real ice skating rink in the soundstage.  Of course,
the scene had to be set so there were pictures (we call them scrims)
of a winter landscape with snow and bare trees.  There was a fire
place with real fire, like we were in a log cabin and there were all
the holiday food fixin’s.  This was the turkey and cranberry sauce
room (I skipped the food here).  The door between stages 6 and 9 were
open so we walked into stage 9, the game room.  There was pool, skee
ball, ring tosses galore.  But in the distance was the ultimate.
There was a rock climbing wall (weird considering how much people were
drinking, but it was entertaining to watch drunk people rock climb),
and next to the wall was the ferris wheel.  That’s right a ferris
wheel inside the freaking soundstage.  It was cool.  Of course being
the carnival room, this came equipped with the L.A. favorite PINK’S
Hot Dogs.  And they had veggie hot dogs so I was a happy camper.

As we were roaming around, I noticed the distinct aroma of Indian Food
(I’ve been craving it for weeks so I started getting really really
excited).  That’s when we saw it.  The dancing room.  This room,
complete with a huge raised dance floor was themed India.  There were
Bollywood musicals projected on the walls (for those who don’t know
what a Bollywood musical is, you’re missing out.  Basically, India
produces more films each year than any other country in the world,
including the U.S.  They are mostly musicals and are usually romances.
 They’re super cheezy and freakin’ awesome.  If you’re going to rent
one, I’d start off slow with Bride and Prejudice because it’s
Americanized, but I’ll recommend more if requested). There was a huge
Buddah statue in the middle of the floor (what, is it usually used for
prayer or something…not in hollywood).  There was a chandelier
(don’t know how to spell that) made of yellow and red flowers.  There
were tents with chairs that looked like we should’ve been smoking from
a Hookah in them.  And there was the Indian food buffet.  Yes, I was
in heaven.

On top of the free food, dancing, ice skating, and carnival, there
were free drinks.  And we partied the night away.  I’ve heard rumors
that the studio drops about 2 mil. on this party, and lord knows it
was well appreciated.  The Pages as a whole, were kicked out when they
had to start cleaning up only to reconvene at the front of the gate
where the huge christmas tree stands.  We finally left the lot at
11:30 and went home, stuffed and warm from the inside out, to dream of
the years to come.  All in all, it was a successful and infinitely
awesome spectacle.

Hope you all are well.  Happy Holidays.




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